Questions that we ask ourselves in the study

  • What is the organization of the future?
  • The definition of this concept, the characteristics of the companies themselves and their teams.
  • Examples of companies. Russian and world.
  • What distinguishes such companies from others?
  • How to understand, where is the line between future organizations and inefficient / unmanageable anarchy?
  • What competencies are in demand in the organizations of the future?


  • Why are organizations of the future needed, what are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • What is their strength?
  • What is weakness?
  • Why are the organizations of the future a trend now?
  • What tasks can such a company solve, and for which it does not fit?
  • In which industries is this approach applicable, and in which not?
  • Do we implement this experience in Russia? Is our mentality ready for horizontal structures?
  • How do such companies interact with companies of a different level?


  • How do companies become an organization of the future?
  • Cases of the transition of companies to this level, especially in Russia. Is this possible in times of crisis?
  • Risks of creating a future organization in Russia. How to minimize them?
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