Find the Parts of the Company that Want to Survive

In 2014, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation revoked the license from the Bank24 bank, headed by Boris Dyakonov. Instead of expressing their dissatisfaction, however, the majority of customers did their best to support the bank in this difficult situation. Customers wrote letters with words of support and gratitude and brought flowers and fruit to the office, asking the bank not to give up and to try to keep the business from going under.

The reaction of ordinary people was so powerful that in just three months the bank was resurrected under the name of Tochka.

Boris Dyakonov says: “When we started receiving words of support from the customers, we realized that we were doing something useful and good. When we were gone, people realized that they had lost something important. We thought: we need to revive our business. Our customers are asking us to. We promised to pay all the money back and, if our customers want it, to return as Tochka. We fulfilled both promises.”

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