Set a Goal and Let People Reach an Agreement

Boris Dyakonov, Tochka Bank, says: “There are tasks that are traditionally performed by managers, for example, work schedules. In bygone years this was always the work of a manager: they would write out a schedule then square it with an even higher superior. After that, it was impossible to make any changes, even in emergencies. This was inconvenient for everyone.

But one day we told our call center staff: do what you think is best. Just do it so that customers do not have to wait long for an answer. The ideal scenario was as follows: a customer makes a call, and the operator answers after the second tone. Our customers are entrepreneurs — they value time and money. The goal was to prevent missed calls. We let our employees work out a schedule themselves.

In the past there was a fixed schedule and no-one was bothered by it: there could be an emergency or some unforeseen situation — all the staff just got up and went home at the end of the shift. But today employees sometimes work overtime if they see that their colleagues need help and that the targets are under threat. At no point is the manager involved. Employees agree between themselves on who schedules the work.”

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