It’s All For Rock N’ Roll

Ultimate Guitar is the most popular online resource for musicians in the World. The team has 70 people, and the service – 250 million users.

Evgeny Naidenov, Founder of Ultimate Guitar, was interested in music and once has posted the chords to the song of Guns N ‘Roses group on the Internet. That’s how a hobby turned to business 20 years ago. Today this is the most complete archive of chords and tablatures for all the songs in the World.

The company cuts costs and saves time for millions of people to master the music. And for those, who are able to quickly select tunes by ear, the resource helps to share their talent with millions of people.

Mikhail Trutnev, executive director of the company, says: “We want the number of people who are engaged in music to grow. We are musicians-losers. We haven’t become stars, but we entered Rock and Roll from the backdoor. I can come to any American or European city, visit a bar and there will be a person who learned to play guitar with the help of our service. This is so inspiring!”.

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