The Common “Pitch”

In Ultimate Guitar company starting from 2015 there is a tradition. Every Tuesday at 10 am 10-15 guys go on stage and offer ideas for changes and improvements of products and services.

There are a several rules.

1 The ideas should refer to specific tasks of the quarter, month or year.

2 It is needed to run a research, prepare and test the idea, before presenting it to the public.

3 A new employee has to prepare and present a pitch during the first two weeks of his work.

When a new employee joins Ultimate Guitar, he has two mentors. One mentor is for specialization and another one – for pitch. The last one teaches new employee where to search for ideas, how to run the research and how to prepare a speech.

Mikhail Trutnev,  executive director of the company, says: “Every employee of Ultimate Guitar has to come up with his ideas. There is no employee who can skip. The best ideas are immediately discussed, accepted and implemented. People already know that the system works, so now we have about 70% of such ideas”.

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