Give a Сall to Your Parents

Yuri Belonoschenko, a father of five, ultra marathon runner (250 km across the Sahara) and founder of children clubs “Baby-Club” (240 clubs and gardens in 72 cities) is ringing parents of his employees to thank them for bringing up a son or a daughter.

He tells the parents what their children do, what is their unique contribution, for what kind of things they are appreciated.

That’s his way to give a recognition to the parent family, to the roots from which people, who work nearby, have grown up. And that means – to the roots of the company itself.

The company is developed not only through projects and actions that lead it forward but also through recognition and respect that is given to the past. Such attention contributes to future growth.

Yuri says: “If we want to improve life in our Country, we have to be more attentive to our family. There is a lot of energy inside, that can be directed to many things including business. A few years ago I realized that my mission is to address this need to as many people as possible”.

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